North in Alaska

September 1st, 2015

~ North to Alaska was such a great song.

September 1, 2015 ∩ 18:00 UTC

The Russians, and Putin, are brilliant in understanding the importance of timing.  There are very few times that the opportunity presented by the Obama administration was so clear (and easy).  The plan was quite simple.  Not only would the President of the United States (the Commander-in-Chief) be away from Washington for three full days, but he would be very tired from a 4,000 mile non-stop air trip for two days (one day going out, the other day after he came back).

Therefore, he would be “in the air” for much of Monday August 31st, and would be still pretty tired on Tuesday.  Not only that, he would be tired on September 3rd, a Thursday.  Not only that, the whole U.S. government would be getting ready to shut down for the Labor Day weekend (that officially starts Friday) on Thursday.  By sometime on Friday most of government would be “gone” until Tuesday September 8th.  Putin was given the better part of 10 days free reign.

It gets better (for Putin and the Russians and Chinese and Iran and much the rest of the world).  Not only would the U.S. President be way up, far north in Alaska (beyond the Arctic Circle in fact), but the U.S. Secretary of State would be in Alaska with him; but would not have a lot of time with him, because of different airplanes and different schedules.

The whole scenario meant that the good Team Putin could politely inform the United States formally of their intentions to pour airplanes and personnel and equipment, and even to begin to build a new military seaport, in and into Syria full well knowing that the Obama Team could do little or nothing (reasonable or rational) about it for a very long time (meaning a full week or more).

Not only that, the whole exercise would give Russia and China a perfect opportunity to monitor just exactly how the encrypted emergency crisis communications equipment on Air Force One really works, and how easily it can be interfered with or hacked.  Alaska is so close to Russia and all those very stealthy Russian submarines after all.

Sure, Obama could have decided to cancel his Alaska trip and to immediately fly back to Washington where he could meet (privately and safely, in an electronic safe zone) with the National Security Council (NSC).  But, to do so would raise the red flag of EMERGENCY and HIGH CRISIS and the fact that the U.S. was facing Cuban Missile Crisis II would be immediately clear to the whole nation, and world.  So, yes – Obama didn’t (postpone and fly back to Washington).

The U.S. stock market was doing badly enough in this well organized “China Crash”, dare we say actually carefully planned by China.   Note:  The markets catastrophically fall on rumors of wars and then usually rise when massive war spending is clearly on the economic agenda.

So what, we may very well ask was so incredibly important about the Alaska doomsday, climate doom, trip that justified putting the established and promoted western interests in the Middle East in absolute peril?

The easy answer is that the whole thing is being orchestrated to get the U.S. economy out of trouble by getting the U.S. (everyday people) into a real bang-up, by golly, shooting war with deaths and casualties and the kind of military spending that trickle-down spending can never achieve to save an economy at the risk of bankrupting a nation.

Or, it could be that when the ‘500 Day’ climate ultimatum was made it was substantially forgotten about 100 days later and the whole world (especially Alaska) had to be reminded of the fact – in spades (meaning by playing a very powerful dark suit).

Since the ‘500 Day’ deadline is only three or four weeks away, maybe, Obama (or his controllers) reasoned, the nation (and even Alaska) needed to be reminded of the very high stakes, big time.  You see, maybe there is a “climate” change that really can happen in a blink of an eye, or can take effect in something that really seems like a specific DAY.  At least it’s a theory worth thinking about; think Krakatoa, or think the Carrington Effect.  Is anyone sure anymore that science at the scale of magnitude of the CERN Hadron level can’t make a simple earthquake or volcanic eruption happen?  We KNOW that an earth-made Carrington Effect (magnetic pulse event) is now so easy for science and scientists to do.

I do not know if you have been paying attention, but the verbiage regarding greenhouse warming has slowly changed.  ‘Greenhouse’, became ‘Global Warming’; Global warming became ‘Climate Change’.  Now the new mantra is being “Anti-Climate Change,” it is like a petition to maintain the status quo; a claim that “our” climate on earth is ‘just fine’, so don’t anybody mess with it.

So who (or what) is proposing to “mess with” the climate, the one climate, “the way it is?”  Sure, there are the usual speakers, the ‘warming people’, with warnings about how the waters around us have grown.  It’s got to be more than trying to make Bob Dylan into a real canonized prophet (by the Pope) at some point in the not too distant future.

Obama didn’t mince words in Alaska.  He has used the whole state to trash and change (forever) the state.  Mount McKinley is now Denali.  The McKinley Glacier is still white, and named after the all-white U.S. President, but that glacier and all the others have had their reputations (and reasons for visiting them) tarnished and trashed.  They are no longer beautiful glaciers; they now are just symbols of climate doom and gloom.

The native villages are now just flood zones waiting to happen; just tragic and sad.  Alaska was once the largest state to JOIN the Union, now the big new name associated with Alaska is EXIT, as in the Exit Glacier.  It almost seems that the word about Alaska is to leave it, not love it; and to leave it, EXIT NOW.  This so seems like it is more than the usual politics about Palin, Palin bashing, and Trump.

Maybe it is all just very personal with Obama, being from Hawaii and all, actually being born in Hawaii, even if not everybody believes it.  Not many alive today remember the rivalry between the two states at the time of their respective admissions  (as states, to the the Union, to the United States of America).  The coveted spot was to be #50.  #49 was so associated (at the time) with the California Gold Rush, the ’49’ers’.  The biggest state, Alaska, bigger than Texas even, wanted to be the big 5-0, meaning Five, Oh!; higher than the old 48; Hawaii, being lower, could be old ’49’, or ’49 West’.

It wasn’t to happen, or it wasn’t allowed to happen.  Hawaii got the 5-0 and surged in tourism.  It became a destination (ask Obama).  Alaska pretty much languished, a bit of oil, then the world’s biggest earthquake in modern times, in 1964, a 9.3 magnitude jolt lasting more than four minutes.  For years after, people left there, not wanting to live there.  Maybe Obama just wants those in Alaska to be ready for another “climate” change-’round, with more waters rising, or rising again just as rapidly as on Good Friday in 1964.

Is the planet really at the point of, “being beyond repair,” as both Obama and John Kerry have said?  Maybe the message is to set a date, then if “it” doesn’t happen, bail.  Maybe it really is just an “EXIT” strategy that “they” are looking for; the “allow us to leave peacefully, untried, and unharmed,” and we will stop messing with Earth and will ‘for all time’ just leave it alone.  It is always what almost every terrorist and every anti-terrorist always asks for when they get caught.

The question is what is “it” and who the “they” are.  Then, one might ask, is when is the price of all that injustice too high?  “Let ’em go,” – I don’t think so, no, I really don’t think so.  But, maybe there should just be a world-wide referendum, every person everywhere, everybody gets just one fair vote.

Like in the song, ‘the river is winding’, ‘big nuggets they’re (or “there”) finding’.  It’s just a September Song; Obama will be back in Washington soon.  There are much bigger fish to fry in Washington (D.C.), and on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Sit back, make popcorn.

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