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September 6th, 2015

~ Dew Line, New Line, Conelrad, ‘my bad’.

September 7, 2015 @ 04:30 UTC.

I just discovered that the planned place where DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER would have ridden out an atomic (nuclear) attack, if it had occurred, would have been deep within the same mini-mountain that contained (at the time) the largest stockpile of atomic and nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.  The irony, at first blush, seems so off the charts that the story (the truth) seems unbelievable.

At the exact same time (the same years) the Civil Defense folks were producing short films about Duck and Cover, featuring the good ol’ lovable green turtle named Bert.  These films, features and educational programs clearly stated that a thin piece of cloth could protect children and adults from radiation and nuclear blast burns.  These same programs, this same short ‘Bert’ film, also demonstrated that a desk, a street curb, or a simple well-built school hallway could save someone from the dangers of a nuclear blast.  The latest Wiki article on the subject says the same, only better.

Assuming that this is (or was) all true, the question I ask is, “why were they planning to fly EISENHOWER 1,700 miles away from Washington D.C. to an underground bunker near Albuquerque, New Mexico when a heavy raincoat and hat, and a short 6 mile trip to Falls Church, Virginia, would have done the job?  The Albuquerque area bunker, protected by over 50 stories of solid rock and earth, seems to be a mighty thick shell even for the longest lived tortoise, much less turtle.  It really appears that either the Military-Industrial Complex people, or the Civil Defense people were lying.  And if the later is true, the Wiki people are lying too.

Most Americans were, and are, pretty freaked out about nuclear weapons.  It’s not the survivor stories that got all the attention in Hiroshima; it was the death toll, the injured; it was those permanently damaged and disfigured by the endless radiation that carried the day, that had sway.

Duck and Cover was to cover what to do when one did not get advance notice of an impending attack.  The National Defense Highway System (now known as the Interstates) was built, was being built (in the early and mid 50’s), to get people the h’ out of ‘Dodge‘ (City, maybe in a real life Dodge car) when they were informed of the coming nuclear attack.

The trip wire, the line in the sand (really the line across tundra and ice), in Alaska and near the Arctic Circle (and in part of Canada too) was (is) the Dew Line (the DEW line); DEW was an acronym for Distant Early Warning.

The line really would not provide much warning for the incoming bombers and jets, the nuke or nukes on the way; the ‘early warning’ would basically just offer an hour or two, five hours at most, of advance warning, depending very much, of course, on where you were, where you are.

At the first sign, proof positive perhaps, of trouble and Washington D.C. would be notified; the President would board his nearby Lockheed Constellation already ready and waiting for the flight to KAFB in Albuquerque; and then the Conelrad Radio Decoy and Information System would go off and go on – or go on and go off.  In this way most people would be informed that it was too late to take the freeways (away and to safety, like EISENHOWER was doing at that moment, by air).

The reason Conelrad was created was that the Japanese planes followed the clear channel communications system AM radio broadcast beams in a straight-line to Hawaii.   No maps, or other navigational aids were needed, it was just tuning in and taking advantage of the wireless signals out there to royally wire Hawaii, or at least the sitting ducks (not covered) of the U.S. Pacific Ocean battleship fleet.

Conelrad was an alphabet soup name for “the plan for control of electromagnetic radiation (+).  The name had nothing to do with nukes really, it was not about that incoming radiation potential of the nuclear bombs.  The radiation was the broadcast rays, the outgoing electronic spin frequencies of the thousands of American radio wave towers; ‘Elrad’ was (is) the homing beam broadcast frequency system that could very quickly cause the loss of any nuclear war.  The only method of not being precisely targeted was to turn off the entire broadcast media (all TV, all Radio) and to observe ‘radio silence’ for the duration (of any war).

So the radio and media people devised a system, using ingenuity and science.  First, all TV stations would immediately leave the air, shut down, stop broadcasting.  This would be the signal that, by going down, something was up.   Then all the radio stations, each and every one “in voluntary cooperation” would say “turn to 640 or 1240 on your radio dial, NOW.”   Then every radio station in America would suddenly leave the air.  From that moment on there would be no beacon to guide fliers or flying objects to Berlin or Manhattan, not then anyway.

How EISENHOWER’S plane, a greatly modified Lockheed Constellation, would navigate its way to Albuquerque, a nearly 6 hour trip at 300 miles per hour, at this point is anybody’s guess.  Maybe the Columbine made the use of maps and a compass, obviously something the incoming Russian pilots would never have.

How much of the 1950’s was about the creation of fear rather than the implementation of clear practical solutions is, at this point, anyone’s guess.  The same might be said of the 30’s or 40’s I guess, and probably the 60’s too.  It certainly had a lot to do with 9/11.  The term for it now is “Fear Porn.”

I bring this point up because it is very hard to decide whether the hub-bub about the month of September is just fear porn or if it is, by some very remote fluke, the real thing – the real deal.

Wars, and rumors of wars, is always a bit common.  However the biggest fear porn piece (if that is what it is) that must be factored in to the ninth month of the 2015 equation is the January cover of the Economist magazine.  To say that the cover was bizarre is an understatement.  It is like an album cover for the Doors, for Sargent Pepper, for the worst of the Jefferson Airplane all rolled up into one.

71mrVEUGeGL._SX425_ sgt_pepper_cover screw the RIAA

The Economist cover is supposed to be a head trip.  What is strange, about the strange days that the cover seems to depict (or predict) is that so few of the “Beware of September” pundits reference the original January 2015 Economist magazine cover image.  And yet, at the time, that’s is where the whole 2015 creepiness started.  And if you believe the Economist (what’s in there not to believe?), since the whole ordeal thing has only four months to play out, it is far more than just a September Song (as I said), and one, like in the song, does not even want to think of December.

The similarities between this song and the Cohen song linked above are disconcerting: wasted time, waiting game, days grow short, older and richer (and fame).  September Song doesn’t mention Manhattan (New York), Cohen clearly does.

This post began with a study of Bert, the turtle, the “hello animal” at the bottom of the Economist cover.  I’ll show you:


Basically Bert is at the bottom (base) of everything.  The top of everything (on the right) is an atomic cloud, or nuclear war, a bit higher is the eye (really ‘delivery means’) of the drone (remote control).  The whole earth watches from above (two faces, like the Greek drama mask), one side wet, the other dry.  The dry side looks happier, but not happy.  A missile launch represents technology (science), in the middle of the remote control and ‘the mushroom cloud type’ weapon.  This brings us back to ground zero, to Bert.

The “China Panic” is clearly depicted, now we know it was predicted.  Even Japan pretending to hold power (the battery), is seen.  But perhaps that is only a reminder of Fukushima being larger than even Japan.

The Beatles and the Brits and the 50 + 20 (the reflection) make 70, which connects with WW II and the UN.  The theme down there is old toys for young boys, back to the theme of September Song and Cohen.  It’s to whom the Pied piper plays, to the children, the dumb, the dilettantes, the immature.  The Piper is standing in water, Bert the turtle is headed there, but like Obama still dry.  The Queen stays dry by leaving in her Range Rover (to or near, or under, India).

The front row is backwards of course.  India then China, then the US, then Germany, finally Russia (as pictured) should be reversed; maybe it’s about changes, a new order.  England is less a part of the mix, the first tier.  It’s very clear that the Piggy Bank leaves London.

But, what is missing?  Am I wrong, is the Pope really missing?  Donald Trump is not in the picture, nor Bernie Sanders.  Hillary is (but she really isn’t).   The Greek crisis is missing.  The “storm the gates” immigration crisis just isn’t there.  In a year that has been about everything moving, the “predicted year” is incredibly stationary.  It’s static and wooden.  It’s like the Economist magazine and it’s backers – static, old style, wooden.  There is nothing really imaginative, nothing new.

So yes, there are the two arrows, stuck in the ground near the feet of Alice, in “wonderland.”  The two arrows are the two arrows that killed Cecil – Cecil of course being named after Cecil Rhodes.  It’s symbolic, the great white hunter “Cecil” is hunted, no “teeth” in it anymore.

Where is the animal life of the planet, the ecology, green grass and trees and running rivers, streams lakes and fish?  Two fish, gold or golden only.  One Panda, a humanoid, trans-something.  One dead tree branch, on which sits a ginger cat, a human mouthed tabby.  The only real animal is Bert.  He ducked.  He covered.  He carries on while every one above him waves a fond “goodbye.”

Maybe next years cover of the economist will carry pictures of real people, a real planet with plants, real water, and trees.  This year it was just a “cover” of Fear Porn, a fantasy, not a fact.  Maybe the bad guys and gals out there will try to figure out my meaning, my take on the future.  Or maybe they will try to work it out based on yoursThere is no white rabbit.  That is what’s missing.  There are no doors, no beetles, it is the worst of the airplane (all black).  Fade to black……

September really can be a new day, not just the last day, as it very well may be for some.

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