Islamic Exceptionalism

December 12th, 2015

~ This post portrays an analysis of a recent video created by the ‘Islamic State in Syria’ (ISIS).


It has been a long time coming – the “final battle,” the battle between ‘good and evil’, the battle over who (or what) will rule the earth through the end of the end times.

This battle did not begin with Salman Rushdie and his treasonous rewrite (read plagiarism) of the 1940’s book The Licentious Prophet.  No, Rushdie was just a pawn in the parade to demonize Islam, the religion of the Muslims.

And too, it was only a matter of time before the endless National Rifle Association (NRA) rants about the U.S. Constitution and the amended constitution would lead to a Donald Trump seriously proposing an amended Constitution that would outlaw freedom of religion, placing it securely into the dustbin of history, where perhaps, the whole concept should have been placed from the beginning.

In a time of revealing (revelations) nothing is sacred.  The cuffs are off, the convicts and those with convictions are unshackled.  Hate speech and vulgarity are suddenly politically acceptable, perhaps preferred.  (Henry) Kissinger, back in the early 1960’s, reminded us of the fact that in all this there was nothing new.  The only new thing was that for awhile (back in the 1950’s and 1960’s) the ‘ways of the world’ had been temporarily forgotten.  There was a temporary belief that man (including women), like their creator, were essentially good.

The video linked above, the DABIQ ISIS-made video, is so much like the propaganda films made by the USA during World War II that I could almost blush.  But the U.S. films only imitated those made by Germany, and the German films only imitated the Russian.  They all portray the simple peasant man, the Iowa farmer lad, each turned soldier, learning sharpshooting, embracing armor; and then the endless glorification of martyrdom in the final battle that will bring an end to war.

In these film clips the Germans and the Russians always flew too many flags.  The U.S. films were simpler.  In the American shorts the flags were there, but generally kept to a minimum, like in the new war films featuring the few, the proud, that fight in the army of ISIS.

Every country that actively fought in the Second World War contributed to The Greatest Generation.  From the often heralded Holocaust Survivors to the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and the few that survived Dresden) to the Rosie Riveters and the always male ‘GI’s’ the word on the street was that (is that) World War II was really fun.  It was fun in a way that only heroics, facing death, fighting for a cause can be fun.  War is mostly about camaraderie, new friends, close spaces, new unique experiences where you only know you’re alive because deprivation and death always seems so near.

And war is wonderful too because of all the orders; “just following orders,” takes the onus off of killing, of murder, of all the mayhem that makes real war so dreadful and so scaring and so impossible to fathom unless you are actually there and witness all the ‘blood & guts’ that make each war always so memorable.

It was not just the armies of the Reich that ‘followed orders’.  American airmen followed orders too, Russian tank commanders followed orders, artillery officers, POW camp commanders, submarine crews.  The war is always on the innocents, on civilian populations, against the people that ‘don’t fight’, but just stay home and make munitions, grow food to feed the soldiers, buy war bonds, or stay silent as they profit from their stock holdings in war industries.

Total war requires total populations.  Total war requires a “we” and a “they.”  Total war requires that what is different about people is amplified in people’s minds to the point of obsession.  Creating obsessions is the first and most important role of media; in Greece it was the public orators, ‘democracy’ debates, these were followed by the Rabbis and the preachers, the preachers were followed by the Mullahs, the Mullahs were replaced by the printing press and the modern media.  Facebook is just the latest iteration.

Once the ‘we & they’ is established, it takes a catalyst (often catalysts) to start a war, especially a really big war.  The most common catalyst is the claiming of an injustice, often just a little thing that in ones mind will grow and grow.  “They want my guns,” might satisfy, “they took our land,” “we must protect our oil.”

Harping about injustices often is abetted by a carnage of retribution; the King David Hotel, the My Lai Massacre, the sinking of the Maine are just a few examples.  Bodies must be put upon display (or alluded to); the imagination is far more destructive than photos (or drawings) of reality; ISIS videos let you fill in the details about each beheading.

Like retribution, a constitution works best when left just to the realms of imagination.  Nobody cares what a constitution might say, it is what one thinks it says that matters.  The U.S. Constitution is a nearly perfect example.  The ruling elite hated just about everybody; blacks, Muslims, the Spanish, Indians, women, those not owning land, Torries, countries with Kings, Hindu’s – all were held in great disrespect, if not plain abject fear.

The early immigrants to America had to be ‘good with all that’, had to support the Constitution and all the laws pursuant therein.  It was like obeying the orders; every wife was unequal, children were assets and collateral, blacks should be slaves, Indians should be dead, taking land from the Spanish was just patriotic, God made the Pacific Ocean to keep America and Asia (and Asians) ever separate.

Islam had a better idea that became the American idea.  The idea was that all any hateful or hated person had to do to overcome their race, physical appearance, sex, or past ancestry or national allegiance was to convert to God, the concept was Islam, the behavior was Islamic.  Like Americanism, all that was required was submission.  Unlike Islamic teachings, Americanism required not only a renunciation of past loyalties, but a physical presence – one had to go to America and live to be legally accepted, to become an American.

It took a very long time for the founders of America to understand what the founders of Islam knew from the beginning – that only an expansionist empire could make the new religion safe.  Brigham Young grasped that multiple wife taking was the key to a populace nation, a bountiful religious empire.  But prolific breeding alone would not, could not, ensure domestic safety.  Only land acquisition, aggressive land taking, would save a small social movement from the inevitable exigencies of history.  So Islam was expanded by aggressive military force, the taking of lands, the conquest of opposing populations.  For 600 years, 500 years before American expansionism ever began, Islamic Exceptionalism spread across the Middle East, Africa, much of Europe and half of Asia.

For 800 years Revolutionary Islam retreated to peace.  It was only the relentless march of literal “Christian Soldiers” and the subsequent success of countless “Christian Nation” invasions that brought the visage of Revolutionary Islam back, that brought back the merciless edicts of ISIS.

It is easy to see that ISIS is just a parody of modern America, with its emphasis on the military, conquest, and war.  The flag is much like the POW/MIA flag, all black, with a white circle as center.  The image has a certain appeal.

It is clear from the DABIQ / ISIS video that this time Islam (or at least ISIS) has learned from America, world dominion is the only viable real goal.  ISIS is the “we.”  The once west is the “they.”  Like the round-the-world reach of the Great White Fleet 100 years ago, the round-the-world reach of ISIS on Facebook is the new bully-pulpit of the times, a projection of power, need I say more?


That ISIS is the mirror of America has often been said.  To say that Donald Trump shares the views and values of the 1% elite that he represents is nothing new, he is an old American – the pre-Amendment type.  He would take away your guns faster than a liberal with unlimited power.  He’s wanton and reckless; he’s a lot like ISIS without the Toyota.

So, with both sides really being the same side it is easy to see that there is no need to choose.  Those that seek war will certainly find each other, the rest of us can have peace – and THAT would be really exceptional.

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