Maude Lee Cline

January 1st, 1884

Introduction to Maude Lee Cline Backlund / Stone / Jeffers

According to the Cline Family website (as of April 10, 2010) Maude Cline was born about 1884.  A year 1900 census says she was 16 then.  So I shall use January 1, 1884 to post all the information that I know about Maude Lee Cline Backlund (“Mrs. Backlund”, “Maude Jeffers”, “Mrs. Jeffers”).  Some of her letters may be posted under the date on which they were written, photographs common to other peoples lives may appear also posted on other dates.  The point is that everything that I know about Maude will be posted here or linked from here.

I have been fortunate to have inherited so much important information about Maude. The pictures, letters, papers came from my grandmother Hemme (Hemme Naratte Backlund Martin).  She was Maude’s sister-in-law by Maude’s marriage to Hemme’s brother Alfin Backlund.

Hemme spent a great deal of time and no small effort in genealogical record keeping and research.  Her family, even extended family, was important to her.  The record we offer here of Maude is Hemme’s record; I have only done the typing and scanning and posting on the web.  Thank goodness Hemme saved Maude’s letters so that Maude’s life could more easily come alive.

My current effort regarding Maude comes by way of the encouragement and inspiration of “Mary” (a Cline) and author of much on the Cline Family Tree website.  She has encouraged my posts.  She has asked permission to “repost”, as opposed to link, the information that I have regarding Maude.

Mary has a point.  Every person feels possessive about their family.  “It’s my mom, not yours”, is often the attitude of even the best of siblings.  Families are really not like that.  One persons “sister-in-law” is often another persons sister.  A great aunt is someone else’s great-aunt too.  There are probably few things as frustrating as having a picture of yourself that someone else says you cannot have because they own the copyright “forever and a day” (or for fifty years or seventy or ninety or a hundred).  The same is true for other family members, especially people from the past, now dead, who you find hard to visit and talk to and ask questions of from beyond the grave.

So Mary, you are right.  I’ve thought some thoughts and planned some plans and come up with my answer.  The answer is “Qala Bist Blue”.  A “Qala Bist Blue” specific designation means that the picture or the document is in the Public Domain.  It means that you (and others) can use the designated photographs, the designated letters, the designated letters expressed in typed text exactly as YOU want.

I would prefer of course if pictures were not used in religious rituals or dedications.  I would hope that letters are not rewritten to censure a valid thought.  The purpose is not to malign or belittle the living or the dead; but to celebrate life and to spread the record of the struggles because life is about that – the struggle.

Credit and attribution are always good.  We climb higher by reaching from the shoulders of those that have come before.  Their work and efforts are our point of true beginning; the world did not start with us.  The family did not start with us; that IS the point of family now isn’t it.  And the other word is “share”.

Dedication:  With no slight or intent at disrespect to either Mr. Stone or Mr. Jeffers:  This page is dedicated to the memory of “Alfin and Maude”.

Donald Clayton – April 11, 2010

Note:  This series of posts is arranged in a “read down” format.  As you read down time progresses.  The one thing to remember is that to continue the journey you should select “Previous Entries”, not “next entries” at the bottom of the page.

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