The politics of ‘Taking’

August 3rd, 2015

~ “There are no political solutions.”

The above quote is from the Profile on my Twitter page, @CityofNikko.  After a lifetime participating in, witnessing, and pondering politics that is my honest conclusion.  Politics and virtually all politicians just haven’t gotten us anywhere; at least not anywhere particularly good.

There is no ‘politics of inclusion’; politics is mostly about exclusion, separation, the ‘we’ versus the ‘they’.  Politics is polarizing, it is multi-polar.  Politics postulates that every voter is a member of the downtrodden, the threatened, the wise that if they only just had a little more power could actually ‘win’.  Billionaires, peasants, undocumented immigrants, border guards (or just guards) for the rich, it’s all and always the same – the threatened and downtrodden seeking salvation through the power of the vote; the power of the political party.

Did I mention the theory that this endless, timeless, struggle is between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’?  On one side the idea is to have the ‘haves’ protected in their endless pursuit of taking, ‘just taking’, without the justice, as in ‘just take it’.  On the other side is the endless clamor for wealth redistribution, a new deal, a fair deal, a ‘better deal’ perhaps.  It’s like the pursuit in buying another new or used car; it’s supposed to be just transportation, but pretty soon it becomes ones’ whole, entire life.

If it’s an orchard, is there shortage?  At what age should one work?

‘Taking’ has become America’s most watched spectator sport.  Every one is tracking it, keeping score, paying attention to tax brackets, incomes, bonuses, salaries and very often net worth.  Forbes produces an annual list of ‘winners and losers’; if you’re not on the Forbes list you are a loser, or so the meme goes.

The Horatio Alger version, according to most millionaires and billionaires, is that there is always enough money to go around.  The extreme version is that the planet could have 7 billion billionaires; all consuming resources as aggressively as most billionaires do.  The planet would be fine with 10 billion airplanes, 21 billion cars, 49 billion 7 bedroom houses, and 20 billion private gardeners, butlers, chauffeurs, cooks, and maids.  But then, that is where the question of whether all those service people can all be billionaires too enters in.

Most Americans never get that far.  A billion, even a million or two is too much to expect, or ask for.  Most Americans are inclined to settle for an increase in minimum wage, a larger social security check, a bigger annual tax write-off on the business, or a bigger government contract as a part of big (or bigger) business.  If one is unemployed, all they want out of government might be a job.  If one has a government job, one just wants benefits and a better retirement.  If one is retired it’s probably interest they are after, or a government interest in the ‘health’ of the market.

The theory of accounting suggests that in the end there is a ledger.  The ledger suggests that it is a zero sum game; what goes into one pocket comes out of another, “your loss is my gain.”  The gain is the ‘taking’, the ‘take’.  In an unjust system there is never a profit, just the ‘take’, gotten by ‘whatever it takes’.

The idea of politics is that by political debate and persuasion a politician can get one party or another to give up what they have, or a portion of what they have, willingly.  The idea is to appeal to the ‘common good’, to ‘patriotic spirit’, to a sympathy for the rich or a sympathy for the poor, with the idea that if one makes a “sacrifice” (now) the quality of life will be better (for them) in the long run.  Politics is not about altruism, it is defined as the pursuit of self interest.  In the end the rich do not really want a revolution, and in the end the poor really do know that life would be far more satisfactory without the rich even existing.  It’s not ‘give and take’, it’s a quandary.

The campaign slogan for Barry Goldwater was, “in you heart you know he’s right.”  It was a pun of sorts, ‘Barry’ was the right-wing politician, Rockefeller, his primary opponent, was further left.  ‘Bernie’ Sanders might run as, “the only one left to vote for.”  It’s the same idea, a political pun, for the run.

But, Barry was right.  It’s the ‘heart’ thing.  Every American in their heart knows that the rich are never going to give up one single dime as a result of political pressure.  Patriotism just will not go that far, nor fear of a revolution, nor common good, nor some moral saw about ‘doing the right thing’.  It’s not 1964 anymore, even Kansas isn’t Kansas anymore.

So the idea that politics as usual has a chance of solving or sorting out anything is totally bogus.  The change must come from somewhere far deeper.  It’s not apple pie and the American way anymore, that train left the station.

Back of the train politics, or is it just being ‘railroaded’?

To coin a phrase, stop the whistlestop speeches, enough is enough.

K through 12

August 1st, 2015

~ The American educational system explained, or maybe there’s no explanation.

I’ve been working on updates to the Bernie Sanders (Bernard Sanders) timeline (Teppline) that I started (HERE).  It’s fairly slow going, trying to sort out Bernie’s educational history when there is really so little history available.  This is revealing.

Bernie never claimed to be a particularly good student.  He was more into sports and politics, he didn’t seem to care much about or use libraries.  Carnegie, I guess, never made an impression on him.

What did make an impression on Bernie Sanders was the New York City school known as P.S. #197.  Apparently (and I’m still not really sure), PS 197 was a K-8 school, one name, one big building, one address.  After this “elementary school” experience Bernie moved on to attend James Madison High School in New York City, borough of Brooklyn.  JMHS was the typical grade 9-12 (‘Freshman through Senior’) high school experience, or more accurately, ‘configuration’.  When Bernie graduated from High School in June of 1960, he had completed his K – 12 American compulsory education experience.  A ‘college education’ was not, and is not, compulsory in America.  That could change.

View of San Diego college (looking east, not north) from the air as seen on page 5 of Del Sudoeste1932 (now San Diego State University).

Having grown up in California and Nevada (in the west) where things are not necessarily done as they are in Brooklyn and much of the east, I kept looking to find which ‘Junior High School’ Bernard Sanders attended.  In the west, traditionally, one first goes to Elementary School, then attends Junior High School, then graduates and moves on to High School.  Often the 8th grade graduation from Junior High was a very big thing.

The idea behind the Junior High School concept was based on the easily observable fact that it was not a good idea to have first and second graders on the same campus (in the same school) as 7th and 8th graders.  It was along the same lines of thinking that suggested that girl and boy scouts should not share quarters with frat houses and sororities.  You get the idea.  ‘Different ages, different sizes; one size doesn’t really fit all.’

Originally, in America, High School was like a College education is today.  Not that many students attended a high school ‘back then’ (say circa 1912).  And far fewer attended college, unless it was a “teachers college.”  High Schools in the 1930’s were like colleges (today).  They had fraternities and sororities active on campus, fashion was often important, parties and clubs, even club life, were always de rigueur.

The whole process of socialization, or job training, depending upon one’s perspective, began in Kindergarten.  Kindergarten was conceived as either a free ‘day care’ program so that working parents could work (two parents, both working outside the house) or as a ‘transition’ experience to get very young children used to a life away from the home, i.e. to get the child used to ‘society wide’ values and socially dictated accepted behavior.

Even in the 1950’s and 1960’s, in America, Kindergarten was usually only half day.  American Exceptionalism still often maintained a standard of living (or lifestyle expectations) where only one parent needed to work to support a family.  As America became less exceptional the need for the ‘free day care’ aspect of Kindergarten increased, so today in America there is not only full day Kindergarten, but also ‘Pre-K’ programs that even feed, clothe, and ‘daycare’ the very young all-American child, all at public expense.

In Bernard Sanders day Kindergarten was probably not compulsory.  Bernie’s mother did not (apparently) work outside the home.   She probably stayed home and cared for, trained, socialized, Bernie at home, teaching and training the traditional Jewish working-class religious and cultural values; often including Marx, Freud, Einstein, Stalin, and the often obvious others.

Compulsory education in America, in most states, is now K – 12, with a few minor exceptions.  Provision for ‘home-schools’ and ‘home-schooling’ has always been allowed.  Usually there is a requirement for testing.  Bernie Sanders was apparently never home-schooled, per se.

There are, and always have been, variations on the ‘middle school’, ‘intermediate school’, Junior High School, configuration and experience.  Often middle school lasts for three years, 6th through 8th grade, or 7th through 9th.  The last possibility creates the 3 year High School program (configuration), which was the plan at the high school I went to, Reno High.

Reno High School (RHS), in Reno, Nevada, before it first opened in September 1951.

Front entrance to Reno High School (RHS), still standing, many years later.

Bernie Sanders plan is to effectively integrate American colleges into the ‘free public education’ plan that characterizes the present ‘free K -12’ system, a ‘free K – 16’ educational system, with ‘college included’.  It would take a lot of preparation and planning to do this.  It might even include a necessary and proper clarification of what the national education agenda really looks like, where it is going, and who is it designed to really serve.  What is clear to me, is that the current ‘student loan‘ system does not serve any agenda but free (subsidized) job training for the large corporations, and big money for the banks.

Domain Light

July 31st, 2015

~ Perhaps the real title should be ‘Domain Lite’, or maybe ‘Dome Light’.

There has been a lot out there about ‘master the human domain’ and the new civilian / police / military theory of warfare and about the ‘neural net‘ approach to everything, meaning everything.

I used to theorize a lot, when I was 19 or so, back in early 1968 or something, about ‘correlative realities’.  It was the neural net idea long before it went popularly viral.  Neural net led to ‘information systems’ (computer based, cartography based) and that led to maps, community, and attempts to make it a business.

Cecil the lion resting in Africa, now maybe resting in Peace.

The ‘fun’ part is not to take it all too seriously.  See if you can follow me.  It’s about the lion that I wrote about yesterday, Cecil of Zimbabwe.  In America the story went viral, in Zimbabwe it was next to nothing.  So, since there isn’t so much as one single picture (meaning actual photograph) of the dead lion Cecil, what is the Cecil story really about?  It’s the ‘human terrain’ question, the battle for the hearts and minds, the question of how to get and retain ‘mastery’.

The meme, in most people’s minds is ‘wimoweh‘, a very poor translation (alliteration maybe) meaning, “I am a lion.”  The lyrics are very simple, “the lion sleeps tonight,” is most of the story.  It’s not about dead lions, or lions lured out of their sanctuaries just to be killed.


In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the quiet jungle
The lion sleeps tonight

Near the village, the peaceful village
The lion sleeps tonight
Near the village, the quiet village
The lion sleeps tonight

Hush my darling, don’t fear my darling
The lion sleeps tonight
Hush my darling, don’t fear my darling
The lion sleeps tonight


So, the human terrain story for the specific American terrain is that there has been a changing of the guard, the ‘old lion’ (King) was left unguarded, and was lured to an untimely demise.  The story goes on, if you’re interested, to suggest that the death was not immediate, but involved tracking, a chase, and the old lion (King) dying after a fairly long ordeal in agony.

Sounds a little like American politics, and perhaps even America itself, right now, to me.

The idea of neural mapping (correlative reality) is not to just get a reflection of the current time, the moment, it is also to picture the future, the prophecy thing, or the ‘future crimes’ thing, depending upon which side you find yourself on.  Simply put, another way to see the Cecil the lion story is just as another Tarzan of the Jungle story; ‘he’ kills the lion (the real king of the jungle) so ‘he’ can become the new natural humanoid ‘king of the jungle’.  So many memes being pushed, including that old one, ‘life is a jungle’.  Look around you, do you see all the vines?

Military helicopters are hard to see at night, but one can easily hear them.

Did I mention that at exactly 1:00 A.M. last night a flight of Jade Helm exercise helicopters took off from Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a destination, by the public, unknown?

#BernieSanders is a hashtag on Twitter.  A few days ago (two days ago when this article was written) a few meetings were held (about 3,000) all across the country and in a few foreign countries too.  The Idea was #Bernie2016.  The article is like a New York Times primer (lite) regarding how the neural node net actually works, or can work.  It works like this, like I describe in the following.

You see, Bernie Sanders and his followers, advisers, and organization spent a lot of real time planning and setting up all the ‘organizational’ meetings.  They spent more time mapping it, having real trackable people (who were tracked) RSVP for the event.  If you checked out the map it was all based on mileage, how far away from the meeting houses and halls that you might be.  It was all about the specifics of the human domain and the human terrain.

Nate Cohn, NYT.

Nate Cohn and Jeremy Bowers (for the Times) crunched the numbers (or so they say) and ‘presto, bango’ in almost like ‘real time’ they sent the #BigBernie2016 ship to join the Bismarck ‘at the bottom of the sea’.  They ‘turned those guns around’, meaning this time, Bernie’s own guns, Bernie effectively providing the ammunition to successfully sink his own ship.

It will probably take some time before ‘the fog’ clears.  The ‘fog of war’ is an old style battle term, the ‘fog of battle’ is a new, better term.  It represents the time between when a ship is hit and when it goes down, or between when a bomb is dropped, and when it actually detonates or explodes.  Like with the arrow in Africa, the first strike, and it’s generally over; the lion just doesn’t know it quite yet.

The neural net is supposed to be value indifferent.  It is not supposed to matter what Bernie Sanders does next.  The initial ‘force threat’ was neutralized, if it comes back it will come back with a new Bernie Sanders making the compromises necessary to win the hearts and the minds of the right wing, of southern bigots, of a few billionaires here and there, even; maybe even some voters of color.  By the end of it all there will be a new #Bernie lite, lite on the issues and still heavy on the name.  It was like with #Obama; ‘they‘ have been at this a very long time, just not at it so fast, not so much ‘on it’ in ‘real time’.

It is the old ‘make them’ and then ‘break them’ theme and routine.  All it is, is the exercise, the abuse, of power.  One has little or nothing to fear if one was never ‘made’, never really ‘made it’ in this world.  One does not know the names of the generally nameless ‘innocent’ out there – they are just seen as informational ‘nodes’.  It is the names of the dirty, dangerous, disingenuous, demagogues, and detractors that are known, and the figurehead dictators, not the real ones that just plan and dictate ‘mastery of the human domain’.  In time, it is the ‘named names’ whose heads will most probably roll.

The Big Game Trump Hunt

July 30th, 2015

~ Getting out of Africa, or Toto, or maybe it’s just about leaving Africa alone.

A few posts back I wrote a bit about the AU, the African Union; I didn’t know then that ‘they‘ already really had one, an AU, flag and all.

The flag doesn’t have a pyramid yet, nor an elephant on it, nor a lion, lordly or not.  It doesn’t even have a picture of Tarzan, of Livingston (I presume), or of Cecil Rhodes, which really is more than a rightful omission.

Tarzan illustration circa when Donald Trump Jr. was born.  Notice the knife.

It was Tarzan, the books and the movies, that taught the ignorant western world children of what a ‘king of the jungle’ was supposed to look like.  In Tarzan’s world the Serengeti, ‘where the land runs on forever’, just didn’t exist.  Africa was, for Tarzan, in ‘Tarzania’, an endless jungle; and all the animals of Africa lived in the Tarzanian jungle; you know, the elephants, lions, tigers, zebra and the great crocodiles of course.

Original 1912 Tarzan cover.

It was Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt (of course) that inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs to write, not right, about Tarzan and Africa and the macho white-man in Africa thing.  Foreign, undocumented white men doing their thing in Africa is of course a very old thing: Mayer Rothschild, Kitchener, Napoleon, King Leopold II, were among the first and most famous, infamous actually.  Of Americans, only J.P. Morgan had really left much of a mark, and his mark was in diamonds, not animals, like buffalo.

‘Teddy’ Roosevelt used the front of ‘scientific investigation’ as cause for the slaughter.  The ‘Smithsonian’ (friend of man, not animals) enabled TR Roosevelt and friends to liquidate 11,400 living animals in just 327 days.  An average of 37 animals per day were slaughtered, seven days per week, for almost one solid year.  You can see some of the great animals that were slaughtered in the name of science or sport or national hubris right here, in Washington DC, or there, in New York.

Elephant family murdered, stuffed, and displayed, all for promoting science and sport.

So, based on the history, it becomes perfectly clear that those who see Africa as not to much more than a privatized, continent wide, national game reserve (not preserve), reserved for privatized hunting, can honestly say they are ‘all for’ union and unions.  It is the AU, the African Union organization that makes it all possible; meaning the hunger, the hunting, the macho white-man ruling Africa thing, the King thing.

Donald Trump is, of course, running for President.  He would rather be running for King, but the Constitution does not allow it:

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:

No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.

Now you know why President Theodore Roosevelt waited until after he left office to do the big game thing off in Africa.  It would have filled the Congressional Record pages for years just listing the largesse, and the Kings, Queens, and potentates that made it all possible.

And before we get to the Trump family, family connection, we must honestly look at why there is hunger and poverty in Africa; the first musical score that was linked at this posts’ first beginning.

The idea has always been to cast Africa as a tribal dominion, peopled by tribes always at each other and ready to slit throats and bury tribal spears in the backs of other tribes hides.  You get the ‘hunted’ and ‘hunters’ ubiquitous meme.  By using the tribal parody ‘they‘ were able to divide and conquer one region at a time until the entire continent was gone, conquered, lost to colonial oblivion and natural resource exploitation – a 125 year history of why never to buy diamonds (just for starters).

So, now, African nations desperate to alleviate (takes more than ‘aleve’) poverty often charter out their national natural resources of animals and rivers and plains to enable cowardly white men, and often their female companions, to play Tarzan at the public and taxpayers expense.  Most of these “Safari” animals are billionaires, almost billionaires, and the also-rans that often run with them.  You see, everyone works as a team to take down each ‘big game’ animal, since it’s all seen as just a big game.

In theory the $50,000 ‘hunting fee’ that these .01% people pay to ‘bag’ an animal goes into the public coffer to help feed people like Minapendawe.   Not so, not really.  The colonial structure is very hard to forget when it was so thoroughly taught, and the AU is composed of those still teaching the same old colonial nonsense, so Minapendawe and so many others continue to starve, and the animals of Africa continue to be slaughtered and die.

Donald Trump Jr. holding a severed elephant tail.  Notice the knife.

Donald Trump Jr. was 34 when the pictures were taken, the pictures of him and his brother with dead animals and dead animal parts.  It’s clearly a Donald Trump legacy, a chilling reminder of how he raised his children and how money is used by billionaires with far too much time, money, and knives on their hands.  You don’t ‘gotta love em’.  You don’t have to support them, their kind, their version of kindness, or their idea of what’s kind.

So while one African animal slaughter story goes viral, the trump Trump story just quietly simmers.  It’s summer I guess.  Some places are hot, some places are not.   But there is too much history here, too much heat not to catch fire.  It’s a smoldering time bomb, this totally not ‘trumped up’ story.  Just wait.  You’ll see the whole Serengeti figuratively burning, and the Trump Brothers will burn with it.

And I also offer THIS.

Bernie and the Jets

July 28th, 2015

~ Getting back-to-basics with Bennie, Bernie, and Brautigan, among others.

Today’s post begins with a comment posted yesterday on a forum that I read that is based in Hawaii, Smoking Mirrors.

“I, being the eternal optimist, do see signs of hope.  Here in America there are signs that the conventional ways of the past are losing favor. The two major attention getters in the prelude to our next election are a blustering narcissist and a self proclaimed socialist.  These two have given the dissatisfied masses a vehicle through which they can convey to the powers that be that the French revolution is closer than they think.  The American people are getting sick of politicians and the politicians and the media that proffer them are at a loss as to what to do.” – Hank

I realized I didn’t really know much about Bernie Sanders, the person.  His persona is so much about politics.  So I started a Bernie Sanders timeline, with the intent to unravel it all, or at least to unravel part of the story.  I have.

Bernie Sanders trying to ‘put out the fire’, two meanings here.

The story really ends near the beginning, not the real ‘beginning, beginning’, not during the days of the life spent with his parents back in Brooklyn, New York.  No, by 1964 Bernie had given up on all that (mostly maybe) and moved on from Chicago, on to Vermont and toward life as a hippie.  Much has been written about his ‘sugar shack‘ days and the Brautigan roots, fairly recently rerooted in Burlington (Vermont), which had other things going on back then, and not a coat factory.

It’s a convoluted story, figuring out where Bernie’s life paralleled mine, and where we parted, or where we differed.

Bernie Sanders is 6 years and 350 days older than me.  That may seem like a lot, to me it seems fairly little.  I had a brother about Bernie’s age, just five months younger than Bernie, Casey’ Ken Clayton.  And like Bernie Sanders my mother died when I was nineteen, Lloydine Clayton.

Bernie’s life and mine were rather different during the summer of ’64, and not so different.  We were both political.  He probably favored LBJ; I preferred Goldwater.  Goldwater (Goldwasser) was Jewish, LBJ wasn’t.  I didn’t know it back then, but Goldwater wasn’t ‘Jewish enough’ to get the support of the community.  Goldwater’s mother wasn’t Jewish, Bernie’s was.

We both probably listened to the same music back then, ‘Peter, Paul & Mary’, ‘Moving’, ‘In the Wind’, earth-changing albums.  Somewhere Sugar Shack entered in, and then, in the fall of 1965, came the Eve of Destruction.

Bernie Sanders probably went to the New York World’s Fair in 1964, after graduating from the University of Chicago.  I was still in High School, I went to the World’s Fair by taking a very long bus ride from Reno (Reno Nevada), riding alone mostly, seeing the south and America, meaning the south of, and middle America.  I went to South America too, that summer.  I flew at night over Cuba.  I toured around Quito.  I climbed around in the Andes and learned a bit about the Peace Corps, a bit like life on a Kibbutz maybe, maybe not.

More has probably been forgotten than remembered about life in America, in the ’60’s.  It was a turning point.  From then on things simply stopped getting better.  Sure, there have been brief flickers of hope, ‘hope springs eternal’ is the exception that proves the rule.  The rule is to rule out hope for the moment, for the time, for the time being; Bernie or not, America is not going to be around as we know it for very much longer.  It’s only a matter of time.  And Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, even Jeb Bush; are all getting very much older.  The past is past.  We need a candidate that is like 35 to start over, to be the wave of the future.

More about Bernie Sanders, and peace, and being a predictable Democratic Party hack, is HERE.

The Presidential Long Form

July 26th, 2015

~ Getting back-to-basics on the basic information of United States Presidential Politics.

This is being written as the United States President, Barack Obama is visiting relatives in Kenya, Africa, and as the leading Republican candidate Donald Trump, a ‘birther’, is campaigning against “undocumented” immigrants.

It has often been said that the American public has a very short memory.  Relying on the truth of that statement is the entire basis of being an American politician.  The political process (anywhere and everywhere) begins first by weeding out all the ‘good guys’, the decent people.  Like with defecant, the survivors ‘float’, making their way to the top.  In no time ‘we the people’ get to pick and chose among that which, by ‘our’ indifference, we are most entitled to – the biggest clump that is still floating.

This leaves the common people of any ‘great’ nation with not a choice between the lesser of two (or more) evils, but with no real choice at all.

‘Natural birth’ certificate for Donald Trump, born in New York City (long form).

After most presidential campaigns, after the vote has been counted, after the electoral vote has come in, it is then that the American people wake up, realize that ‘they’ have a new president, and also realize that they really know nothing about him or her (or bi or neuter).

It’s the old “people or politics” thing.  After months and months of speeches, party platforms, position statements, positioning, pontificating, and other pointless pointing, the typical candidate has said just about everything that can be said on every topic known to woman or man or transgender or whatever, and all that verbiage has come to next to nothing, or naught, in the simple mind and heart of the beholder – the voter.

US Constitution requires natural birth evidence.

It is at this ‘magical moment’ that the voter may, for the very first time, see the president as a person, “like me.”  And, like most people, most people realize that they have an opinion on just about everything, or on just about nothing, and that it is not opinions that count, not politics, but it is personal history and personal stature that count, or counts.  It’s why we expect a president to be human, and not just an AI.  And not only do we expect it, it’s the law:

1.)   Only a “natural born” person may be President of the United States.
2.)  The natural person must have been born in the United States of America.
3.)   The natural person must have been a resident of the United States for at least fourteen (14) years.
4.)   The natural person must be at least thirty-five (35) years of age.

* For an explanation and analysis of these requirements click HERE.

So, that brings us, the United States, the body politic, the good and bad citizens thereof, back to the long form; the long form birth certificate that substitutes for sworn affidavit and personal witness in the realm of evidence of ‘natural birth’ and presents and documents all the specifics and most of the particulars.

Actually it may be more about immigration than the genealogy thing, but then again, maybe not.  The point is, that to document age, a birth, there must be a record of birth.  A baptism certificate (or entry) historically has often been enough.  Such a document does not document a birth day, where one was born, not much of anything.  It’s more of a document regarding the soul, than than the body, the earthly person.

So most states, U.S. territories, U.S. embassies and such,  long ago established rules regarding records regarding live births.  The rules required (require) the filing of a fairly long form that a doctor, an attending physician, a mid-wife actually present, or a family member or friend must actually fill out.  It’s not hearsay per se, but an actual sworn and signed affidavit of sorts, attesting to the simple facts of the matter, as they are, or might be, known (or later, might be discovered).

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) birth certificate’ (short form).

It is from this (the) ‘long form’ that the ‘short form’ AI birth certificate is derived, produced, and sometimes made available.  The ‘AI birth certificate’ is computer generated by an artificial person (a legal corporation) that is not a natural born person at all, it is just government masquerading as a person, a ‘purported’ (but now very legal) ‘person’.  There’s nothing personal about the AI person’s presidential candidate’s proxy.  And simply put, this proxy (document) does not comport with the requirements of the United States Constitution.

HERE I could go on about the problems of said assumptions and presumptions in regard to public discourse and politics.  Suffice it to say that such presumptions and assumptions are not legally persuasive and that the facts, until proven, should not convince or persuade the public regarding anything.  The facts regarding live birth are basic, therein is the beginning.

It is easy, perhaps, to assume, or argue, that the ‘founding fathers’ did not know what they were doing, were blokes or blockheads, were just racists and capitalists pursuing an agenda.  All of which possibly could be true.  But, be as that may, there may be truth in the Constitution, and more than that, for awhile at least, it is the law of the land.  And the wisdom therein, very probably, should just be simply respected.

So, without further adieu, discourse, or discussion I present the facts regarding the current 2016 Presidential candidates as the evidence exists for their lawful eligibility for office, meaning for high office, meaning for the highest office of the land.

The Democratic Party, the party of Jefferson, declared candidates for Office of President:

A (+) indicates a link to additional information.  Birth Announcement samples are HERE.

Joe Biden – real natural birth name: Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
Date of birth: November 20, 1942 / Age as of this date: 73 / Birth location: Scranton, Pennsylvania – Saint Mary’s Hospital
Genealogy: (+) (+) (+) / AI Birth Certificate: None, but improbable: (+) / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.    

Lincoln Chafee – real natural birth name: Lincoln Davenport Chafee
Date of birth: March 25, 1953 / Age as of this date: 63 / Birth location: Warwick (+), Rhode Island – Unknown
Genealogy: (+) / AI Birth Certificate: None. / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.

Hillary Clinton – real natural birth name: Hillary Diane Rodham
Date of birth: October 26, 1947 / Age as of this date: 67 / Birth location: Chicago, Illinois – Edgewater Hospital (+) (+) (+)
Genealogy: (+) (+) / AI Birth Certificate: None. / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.

Martin O’Malley – real natural birth name: Martin Joseph O’Malley
Date of birth: January 18, 1963 / Age as of this date: 52 / Birth location: Washington DC – Unknown
Genealogy: (+) (+) / AI Birth Certificate: None. / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.    

Bernie Sanders – real natural birth name: Bernard Sanders
Date of birth: September 8, 1941 / Age as of this date: 74 / Birth location: Brooklyn, New York – Unknown
Genealogy: (+) (+) / AI Birth Certificate: None. / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.
Timeline for Bernie Sanders.  

Jim Webb – real natural birth name: James Henry Webb, Jr.
Date of birth: February 9, 1946 / Age as of this date: 69 / Birth location: Saint Joseph, Missouri – Unknown
Genealogy: / AI Birth Certificate: None. / Natural birth certificate: None. / Birth Announcement: None.    

There are also at least 85 others, also running for U.S. President, also “self-declared” to be eligible for the Office of President, so who is not going to believe them?

The Republican Party candidates information may be forthcoming in a subsequent post.   

A Post-war War Post

July 23rd, 2015

~ Thoughts on living, dying, and letting go of a war ravaged world.

I’ve been visiting Greece for awhile.  Not literally, I have not found my place in the sun, nor does there seem to be such a place in Greece right now.  There does seem to be, “two girls for every guy” in Greece now, but that is probably because more ‘guys’ are leaving and Greece seems to be far more popular with young women than it is for any aged men. Moving on.

The word out of Greece has been ‘banks’, not ‘tanks’.  It is a word about war, the new war against Greece and the new world war in the world.  It is ‘economic’ warfare, the carpet bombing, scorched earth reality of the new fiat capitalism, i.e. the old capitalism armed with the nuclear warheads of fiat currency.  It is nuclear war out there.  No nation, no country, no traditional business, no person is to be spared.  It is a war where the only goal is to take prisoners.  It is the prison / bank / product product.  And it’s all made at home, homemade as it were.

Yesterday I wrote a few words about Gandhi, and I watched a few more, meaning I saw the whole movie Nine Hours to Rama free on the web.  It was Gandhi who was doing homespun spinning in the movie.  It was basic, more important than politics.  To Gandhi spinning (literal spinning) was politics.  And so for all of us it really should be.  There is free salt (salary) at the sea side, literally; all one has to do is go there, dry it out, and take it.  That was another Gandhi meme and maxim.  There are so many others.

I think you know where this is heading.  Who doesn’t know where it’s all heading by now, not a question.  The point of this post is that all is fair in love and in war, and that the expression does not mean what you were taught that it means.  A list of 43 ‘post-war’ events was posted yesterday.  Of the 43 events I would argue that not one was good, not one single one.  Not one of the events listed did, or would, Gandhi support.  It’s a fact.  Look it up.

Gandhi died with virtually every single earthly possession he had attached to his body.  In that he was the ultimate ‘prepper’, he was always prepared, meaning prepared to die, that is.  And as he taught, “if you are not prepared to die, one cannot possibly live.”  And he lived very simply.  The only manufactured item he had was his one pair of glasses, like sand, a product of the sea, forged in the crucible, an aid to see.

Gandhi knew that without taxes there could never be war, certainly nothing that approaches modern war, even in an age before drones.  Gandhi was not a materialist, a consumer, he was not into ‘consumer spending’.  Eating in restaurants was not his forte.  Eating animals was always eschewed.  Movies, radios, TV and magazines; his attitude was, “who needs them?”  A ‘modern’ Gandhi would not own a cellphone, not be on Facebook or Twitter.  A ‘new’ Gandhi would be like the ‘old’ Gandhi, one size fits all, basic, and just basics.

It’s a very long trip to Gandhi from here, from where I am, and from where you too probably are.  It’s a journey whose first step most people very well may not be interested to take.  I’ve taken that first step.  I’ve taken a second, a third, probably many others.  I’m on the road now, not too far down the road maybe, but I am happy with the progress.  Each new step gets easier.  It’s all a part of the plan.

I see the plan as post-war rebuilding, reconstruction perhaps.  It is the un-Marshall plan, an emphasis on persons and people and not the economy so much.  On the human and humane possibilities, not the material potential.  A childhood poem comes to mind:

Boot, saddle, to horse, and away!
Rescue my Castle, before the hot day
Brightens the blue from its silvery grey,

“Boot, saddle, to horse, and away!”

Ride past the suburbs, asleep as you’d say;
Many’s the friend there, will listen and pray
“God’s luck to gallants that strike up the lay,

Forty miles off, like a roebuck at bay,
Flouts Castle Brancepeth the Roundheads array:
Who laughs, Good fellows ere this, by my fay,

Who? My wife Gertrude; that, honest and gay,
Laughs when you talk of surrendering, “Nay!
I’ve better counsellors; what counsel they?”

Some people of course, like Browning maybe, are just into leather.  But, ‘it’s like the counsel I got’, and for a post-war solution, to end the war now, to just say, “no war, no more,” just say, “Gandhi.”  It’s the simple solution.

And I believe that what is also so simple to see is that when it comes to consumer affairs, to life in the so-called ‘modern’ society, to the lure and allure of banks and banking, it’s all just about temptation and tempting; nothing less, nothing more.

Like Browning’s horse, and so many others, a horse can be brought to water, but it can not ever be forced to drink.  Materialism is out there, sure.  The media, the schools, often even the home (front) is trying to get you to buy, buy in, to become just a product purchasing products.  How could it be so clear and obvious to Gandhi and not equally obvious to me, or to you?  It’s what is spun on the home front that matters.  Every decision must stop at the door.  No decision can enter the home, the heart, without a willing accomplice.  Every ‘fait accompli’ requires a personal decision, what is ‘out there’ doesn’t ever have to be ‘in here’ too, in the life of a person, a prophet, a saint.

Prophets, saints, just everyday leaders are supposed to lead and show us the way.  Sometimes they stray.  When they do, neither they, nor you, will ever win.  And that leaves it all up to ‘you’, now doesn’t it?  Dare i say it?  Peace now.

Nine Hours to Rama

July 22nd, 2015

~ A random collection and presentation of dates and events in the post World War II landscape.



1945.07.18 / Wednesday


1945.07.28 / Saturday



1945.08.08 / Wednesday



1945.10.24 / Wednesday



1945.11.20 / Tuesday



1945.12.21 / Friday




1946.03.05 / Tuesday


1946.03.31 / Sunday




1946.04.16 / Tuesday

1946.04.29 / Monday



1946.06.25 / Tuesday



1946.07.01 / Monday


1946.07.22 / Monday



1946.07.24 / Wednesday



1946.08.31 / Saturday




1947.02.28 / Friday



1947.04.16 / Wednesday



1947.05.07 / Wednesday



1947.07.08 / Tuesday



1947.08.15 / Friday



1947.09.18 / Thursday



1947.10.22 / Wednesday



1947.11.25 / Tuesday



1947.12.04 / Thursday


1947.12.23 / Tuesday




1948.01.30 / Friday



1948.03.27 / Saturday



1948.04.03 / Saturday


1948.04.14 / Wednesday



1948.04.30 / Friday




1948.05.14 / Friday





1948.11.02 / Tuesday



1948.12.12 / Sunday




1949.04.04 / Monday


1949.04.28 / Thursday



1949.05.23 / Monday



1949.06.08 / Wednesday



1949.08.29 / Monday


1949.10.01 / Saturday


[2] 38:077 – North America – United States of America – District of Columbia –

“And the flag was not there”

July 21st, 2015

~ A few words about the symbolic flag and the world-wide flag war.

Flags are not real of course, they are only symbols.  If flags were real there could never be ‘false-flags’ or false flag events, or worse, the ‘fly the flag’, ‘wrap yourself in a flag’ person or mentality.

Flags are often emotional.  The flag itself, being inanimate, of course has no emotions, but people often get very emotional about flags and what they may perceive that the flags represent.  So it goes, and we shall see.

This brings us to the ‘six flags over Texas’ (soon to be just five), and the ‘two flags over Greece’, where there were maybe once 26, as I have suggested before.  Soon, in Greece it will probaly be only one, and that probably won’t be the Greek one.

There is a great plan for great changes in, and across, the world.  I use the term ‘great’ very advisedly, I believe that there isn’t much that ‘great’ about most of it, but then again maybe I’m wrong.

There is no ‘plan’ when people just see everything that happens out there, as totally, or mostly, just random.  But even the most jaded of people (or persons) often must admit that there is often a pattern in random behavior, and when (by definition) there is a pattern, it is not ‘random’, but planned.  And with any ‘plan’ there is always a local connection, because every event always requires a locale, or ‘locales’ if it is global.

The three pertinent locations right now are located in:  Athens, Greece; Charleston, South Carolina; Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It should be noted that there are numerous other locations, locales, and that the locations, like the times, are constantly changing.

The two competing flags, for the hearts and minds of Greece and the Greek people, are the new flag of the EU and the old flag of Greece. The old flag is supposed to die and go away as the Greeks become just ‘Europeans’.  “Greek,” thought is also slated to ‘go away’.  It is all done under the EU flag of European unity. The Greek flag leaving is just the first step in the domino theory; Greece today, France, Germany, the UK and others tomorrow.  The idea is a regional hegemony, with a new regional loyalty.

The EU flag burning, an apparently unlikely alternate reality.

Ever since the ‘recent unpleasantness’ of the United States Civil War, there have been two flags over America, one south, the other north.  In turn there were three flags flown over America: the US ‘combo-flag’, the stars and stripes peace flag / battle flag; the Confederate battle flag, and the flag of the Confederate government and confederation.

In the Charleston ‘false-flag operation’ the Confederate battle flag became the central issue, the ‘symbol’ for the whole symbolic act.  The loss of black lives was spun to not matter.  What ‘mattered’ was the crushing of history, of ‘rebel’ or rebellious thought, of different or dissident opinion.  It was all very symbolic of course.

The ‘proof of the pudding’ that the battle flag, sometimes used by racists for racist agendas, was not the issue was demonstrated by the event in Albuquerque thing.  You can read about it right HERE, but the paper changed the pictures so it is not perfectly clear.  The flag in question, of controversy, the one that was flying is this one, below, and HERE.  If you clicked “here” you would see that the real flag is almost exactly like the flag of the EU, and was designed by a German.  Are you getting my drift, now?

“Five flags over Albuquerque,” but soon there will only be one, and not this one.

The drift is to the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership.  It’s the friendship thing, based on ‘friendlies’ being friendly.  It is the new Pacific basin EU.  It is, and will increasingly become a PU, a Pacific Union, a regional government destined to replace the national governments in the PU union.

If you are ‘forward thinking’ you can easily see the Orwellian aspects, the “three world regional powers” that are always allying, fighting, and re-allying (reallying, reeling) in an endless Brave New World of 1984.  It’s all about perpetual drugs, perpetual war, and the perpetuation of the anti-humanity thing.  But I editorialize.

All of these changes take time.  Very little is done suddenly.  Only “Shock Doctrine” things come suddenly, like the Twin Towers, like the betrayal by Tsipras, like the Church-shooting thing.  There is a predictable pattern, which proves that there is a plan.

I can’t wait to see the ‘proposed’ new flag of the Pacific Union.  No, really.  The design will tell us so much, it will be like an oracle to the future, a new flag to fight and die for, a battle flag and a regional (national) flag all rolled up into one.  It probably will not be a circle.  Only one flag will be a circle (that one is taken, by the EU); that leaves the triangle (a pyramid perhaps), and a square (maybe not unlike the square you have seen).  I’m not talking like most of the ones see HERE, but maybe somewhat like them, it’s ‘Pacific’, the theme.

The Jain “rainbow” flag, a possible model for the future.

It’s the AU (gold), the African Union, that will be the interesting one.  Africa of course gets the triangle, the pyramid symbol; it’s only fair because the pyramid is there.  And because of all the Indians there (from India), the AU probably gets India too.  It’s complicated, this world regional thing, “so much work to do.”  But that too, is part of the plan

One is by Land, and Two is by Air

July 20th, 2015

~ A few observations about the great planetary sea above us, and the new, possibly Greek, roots.

There always seems to be an ‘American connection’ to almost everything.  That’s the way it works, the way it is made to seem to work.  ‘American exceptionalism’ is a hard nut to crack, but like all “nuts”*, it is crazy.

According to American folklore, Paul Revere, a silversmith with a horse, was sent to alert American partisans regarding an upcoming planned British invasion.  “One” lantern was by land.  “Two” lanterns lit in the North Church tower was the symbolic symbol for a British invasion ‘by sea’.

There was not perceived to be a ‘sea’ of air above, by which the British might come, might invade; in an ‘air’ invasion back then.  That all changed 128 years later, at Kitty Hawk, the first airplane flight ‘in the world’ location, according to yet another American legend.  Noteworthy perhaps, is that this first venture into the air sea above was from a beach of the wet sea below; from ‘sea to shining sea’, as it were.

Pan American Airways travel promotion featuring the territory of Hawaii.

The sand trap, beach place, on the sand dunes of North Carolina was not the world’s first airport, it was not a port at all, not a Sky Harbor, not a Sun Port, not even an Air Port or an Air Base per se.  The airport per se, and all those other names would come later.  But not all that much later.

The first airbase was at Summerall Field, Fort Myer, west of the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  In 1908 and 1909 the US military engaged in extensive testing of the ‘Wright flyers’.  The first airport in the world began on January 18, 1910.  Bader Field, at Atlantic City New Jersey was built why?  To bring people ‘to the hotels and the beach’, of course. 

Are you thinking Greece yet, perhaps you should.

Below you will see two posters, reflecting two points of view.  The one on the left is perhaps the older approach.  The one on the right, “the Imperial view,” probably provides the key to the ‘next generation’ of airports, the ‘next new thing’, the privatization thing.

Howard Hughes established and grew TWA, Trans World Airlines.   If you flew to Europe or Greece in the 1960’s, on an American flag carrier, you probably flew on TWA.  Howard Hughes always thought big.  He designed a bra for Jane Mansfield’s over-sized bust, he built the Spruce Goose, the largest mostly wood aircraft ever made, he tried to buy most of Las Vegas before it was over (meaning before his life was over).

Hughes had great plans for Las Vegas.  He saw its future as a ‘hub’, as a mega-port airport where SST’s and planes even bigger and faster would ‘jet’ from one regional mega-port to another, and then passengers would take lesser planes out to the lesser airports in lesser cities.  Las Vegas ‘the meadows‘, would be the new homeland, meadowland, for the great new fleets of the air.  He purchased Bonanza Airlines (of Nevada) and a few other regional airlines to form Hughes Air West, the first step in pursuit of his plan.

While Howard Hughes was very rich, a modern sum close to $10 billion (like Donald Trump has), like ‘the Donald’ most of his money was tied up in assets; then making it very hard to float the bank loans to own and control airports.  Today the financial arrangements are quite different.  A billion or two to buy an airport is just ‘chump change’ (‘trump change’?) in some quarters.  With airline profits so high, and landing fees so comparatively low, it is really quite clear where ‘sky high’ profits might originate – privatized airports!

The Spruce Goose fuselage leaving a hanger at the Hughes Airport, a private airport located in Los Angeles, California.

‘They’ have gone to a whole lot of work to get the idea across, to get a head-start, first-start in the nation of Greece.  It was very hard for Schauble to get Tsipras and the government of Greece to buy it, to ‘sell out’ the idea of government owned and controlled airports around, and throughout, the world.  But it has happened, happened right before your eyes, a real coup, not #ThisIsaCoup.

How much is Heathrow worth, and what will it sell for?  What about Brandenburg, Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle?  And then there are so many lesser airports, often one for each city, each one a chokehold on commerce and tourists and freight and passengers and things.  Just the profits possible by putting a choke-hold on Federal Express is worth billions and billions, package delivery prices can always go up.

And then there are all the airport services thing potential.  Money can be exchanged at the airport, ‘cheaper’, better than the bank, or maybe only one bank, the one special one.  There could be a profit center in security services, the privatized police thing of course.  Every country could have body scans, iris scans, all the data from (electronic) passports collected.  Selling this data could be a goldmine.  Hiring girls to intercept businessmen on the way to an important conference could work, private property, no laws really apply.

The airports could soon take charge of customs, not like the old custom(s).  A ‘small’ fee if you don’t want your bags searched.  A large fine if something is ‘found’ and you want it to all go away.  Why worry about ‘official corruption’ when privatized corruption is so very much more profitable?

It will be very interesting to see how far this “privatization of airports” gets.  I think it could be the unhinging, the straw on the camel, the ‘fly’ on the wall that just hits the wall, or maybe just, “splat.”

Greece, like any other country, must decide if they want to keep the tourists coming in, the businessmen, the packages, package tours, and commerce.  You can ‘bet your life’. . .

But, as Groucho Marx would say, “there really are so many questions.”   And it’s really not funny.

*The term “Nuts” was made famous during the ‘Battle of the Bulge”:  McAuliffe said, “What do you mean?” I answered, “Sir, you said ‘Nuts’.” 

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